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Table 1 EGS projects (R&D and commercial) still under development and not generating electricity

From: A systematic review of enhanced (or engineered) geothermal systems: past, present and future

Project Start date Location Well depth (m) Stimulation methods Description Operator Current status Rock type BHT (°C) Seismic event Flow rate (l/s)
Le Mayeta 1978 (Cornet 2012) France (Cornet 2012) 200 to 800 (Cornet 2012) Hydraulic fracturing with and without proppant (Cornet 2012; MIT et al. 2006b) Research (Cornet 2012; MIT et al. 2006b) Not known Not known Granite (Cornet 2012) 22 (Wyborn 2011) Microseismic, not felt on surface (Cornet 2012) 5.2 (Wyborn 2011)
Genesys Hannover 2009 (Zimmermann et al. 2009) Germany (Zimmermann et al. 2009) 3,900 (Zimmermann et al. 2009) Hydraulic fracturing (Zimmermann et al. 2009) Demonstrate single well concepts (Zimmermann et al. 2009) Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (Zimmermann et al. 2009) Salt deposition has been removed (BGR 2013) Bunter sandstone (Zimmermann et al. 2009) 160 (Blöscher et al. 2012) Microseismic (1.8 M) (Huenges 2010) 7 (planned) (Zimmermann et al. 2009)
Groß Schönebeck 2000 (Zimmermann et al. 2009) Germany (Zimmermann et al. 2009) 4,309 (Zimmermann et al. 2009; BINE 2012a) to 4,400 (BINE 2012a) Hydraulic gel proppant and fracturing (Zimmermann et al. 2009; Blöscher et al. 2012; Huenges 2010) thermal (ENGINE 2008b), chemical (Henninges et al. 2012) 1st in situ geothermal laboratory, EGS research (Zimmermann et al. 2009) GFZ, Schmidt + Clemens GmbH + Co. KG (BINE 2012a) Production-injection experiment and data interpretation and modelling finished (Feldbusch et al. 2013) Sandstone and andesitic volcanic rocks (Zimmermann et al. 2009; Blöscher et al. 2012) 145 (Blöscher et al. 2012) Negligible (max, −1.8 to −1.0M) (Blöscher et al. 2012) 20 (Blöscher et al. 2012)
Mauerstetten 2011 (Schrage et al. 2012a) Germany (Schrage et al. 2012a) 4,545 (Exorka 2013) Chemical (Schrage et al. 2012b); hydraulic (Informationsportal Tiefe Geothermie 2013a) Research (Schrage et al. 2012b) Exorka GmbH, GFZ, TUBAF (Schrage et al. 2012a) Seismic monitoring system installed (Informationsportal Tiefe Geothermie 2013a); next step, hydraulic stimulation (Informationsportal Tiefe Geothermie 2013a) Limestone (Schrage et al. 2012a) 130 (Schrage et al. 2012a) Unknown Unknown
St. Gallen 2009 (Geothermie Stadt St. Gallen 2013a) Switzerland (Geothermie Stadt St. Gallen 2013a) 4,450 (Geothermie Stadt St. Gallen 2013a) Chemical and hydraulic (Geothermie Stadt St. Gallen 2013a) Commercial: heat and power (Geothermie Stadt St. Gallen 2013a) ITAG Tiefbohr GmbH (Geothermie Stadt St. Gallen 2013a) Production test interrupted due to pump failure and resulting seismic event (Geothermie Stadt St. Gallen 2013a) Malm, shell limestone (Geothermie Stadt St. Gallen 2013a) 130 to 150 (estimated) (Geothermie Stadt St. Gallen 2013a) 3.5 M (Geothermie Stadt St. Gallen 2013a) (Geothermie Stadt St. Gallen 2013a)
Newberry 2010 (Cladouhos et al. 2012) USA (Cladouhos et al. 2012) 3,066 (BLM 2012) Hydroshearing, multi-zone isolation techniques (Cladouhos et al. 2012) Demonstration for EGS stimulation/research (Cladouhos et al. 2012) AltaRock Energy, Davenport Newberry (Cladouhos et al. 2012) Stimulation started successfully (Informationsportal Tiefe Geothermie 2012) Volcanic rocks (Fittermann 1988) 315 (Cladouhos et al. 2012) Microseismic (Cladouhos et al. 2012) Unknown
Northwest Geysers In 1980s (Garcia et al. 2012) USA (Romero et al. 1995) 3,396 (Garcia et al. 2012) Thermal fracturing (Walters 2013) Demonstration/research (Garcia et al. 2012) Calpine Corporation (Garcia et al. 2012) Stimulation stage (5 MW of potential production) (Walters 2013) Metasedimentary rocks (greywacke) (Romero et al. 1995; Garcia et al. 2012) About 400 (Garcia et al. 2012) Microseismic (0.9 to 2.87 M) (Garcia et al. 2012; Walters 2013) 9.70 (Garcia et al. 2012)
Paralana 2005 (Petratherm 2012) Australia (Petratherm 2012) 4,003 (Petratherm 2012) Hydraulic (Petratherm 2012) Commercial power development (Petratherm 2012) Petratherm, Beach Energy (Petratherm 2012) Drilling of Paralana 3, submit funding application (Petratherm 2012) Metasediments, granite (Petratherm 2012) 171 (Petratherm 2012) Microseismic ≤2.6 M (Petratherm 2012) Up to 6 (ENGINE 2008b)
  1. GFZ, German Research Centre for Geosciences; TUBAF, Technische Universität und Bergakademie Freiberg (Germany); BHT, bottomhole temperature; aNote that little and contrasting information was found in the open domain concerning the project ‘Le Mayet’. Some sources say that it was operational from 1984 till 1987 (Evans 2011). Others (MIT et al. 2006b) report that it was still ongoing as of 2006 and having a BHT of 33°C instead of the 22°C reported in the table.