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Table 2 Fluid, grout and borehole properties

From: Thermal response test numerical modeling using a dynamic simulator

BHE Value Fluid Value Grout (bentonitic mortar) Value
Type Double U-tube Mass density 1000 kg/m3 Thermal conductivity 0.347 to 0.386 W/mK
Borehole diameter 0.127 m Thermal conductivity 0.52 W/m·K Volumetric thermal capacity 1.704 M J/m3∙K
Length 100 m Specific heat capacity 4186 J/kg·K Density 1420 kg/m3
Outer pipe diameter 0.032 m Dynamic viscosity 0.001 kg/m·s Thermal resistance 0.018 to 0.02 m2∙K/W
Wall thickness 0.0029 m     
Pipe thermal conductivity 0.4 W/m·K     
Volume flow rate/pipe 36 m3/day